Improve your processes with digital work instructions

Simplify ISO compliance

Simplify ISO compliance

Simplify compliance to accredited standards with document control and training management.

Use across devices

Use across devices

View, edit and upload work instructions from any device – whether you’re in the office, shop floor or at home.

Automate your training process

Automate your training process

Integrate your staff training and work instructions to make sure they always line up.

Starling was born out of a frustration with paper-based learning and development systems. These older methods of training employees are overcomplicated, time-intensive and don’t reflect the modernisation many industries are going through.

Enter a new system – of interactive, visual and fully digital work instruction software. This is a way of creating, reviewing and learning from work instructions electronically – anywhere, at any time. There are countless benefits to going digital with your team training – regardless of your current processes, your industry or the size of your team.

You’re always up-to-date

Need to update your company guidance on a particular process? Our digital work instruction software will allow you to do just that – instantly, seamlessly and whilst minimising disruption to your business.

You can be sure your team are all singing from the same hymn sheet and working from the most up-to date version of your training guidelines. No more time spent collecting and disposing of old paper copies, and your staff are free to go back and check their instructions at any time.

Visual work instruction software: making learning easy and accessible

Simply put, a digital, visual work instruction software completely transforms your team’s learning experience. You can upload videos, pictures and interactive quizzes to make training as clear as possible, while also giving your staff the opportunity to offer feedback via the platform.

Your team members are free to review instructions whenever and wherever they like, making use of features like the intuitive, easy-to-use format, zooming in on pictures, and following along with videos. You can communicate what you expect from your team more clearly, which will improve the quality of your output as a result. You can also encourage your staff to engage with continuous improvement using our tools for capturing feedback and discussion with the team.

Edit your instructions and train your team on the go

One of the most important features of Starling’s visual work instruction software is that you can create, update and view all your training materials on the go. In our increasingly digital world, this simply makes sense – you shouldn’t have to venture to your office desktop PC just to review training guidelines.

This electronic system of workplace training also allows you to keep track of who’s up-to-date with their development and where the knowledge gaps are within your team. At a glance, you can see what training has been completed by each team member, and assign additional tasks if you need.

Digital work instructions software on a tablet and phone

You’ll make fewer errors

A digital work instruction software is infinitely more scalable than its paper-based counterpart. And as your business grows, your training requirements do too. Paper-based training systems are difficult to keep up with, and could be littered with errors that might prove costly to your business or your team.

Using a digital platform for staff training will allow any errors in training documents to be rectified immediately and across the board. This means less chance of producing faulty products, non-conformity in an audit, and of your staff injuring themselves. You can be sure your team are always working from the most up-to-date guidance, and helping your business to thrive.